About Honest Electric

Excellent quality is the guarantee of creating a brand.



Changzhou Aolisite Electric Co., Ltd. attaches great importance to R&D investment and project development. It invests more than 20 million R&D expenses every year in the development of new products, including office supplies, financial appliances, food machinery, outdoor products, garden tools, and high-end products. High-end and high-end customers in textile machinery, special pump valves and actuators, opening and closing door devices, household appliances, automotive electrical appliances, etc. provide cost-effective, energy-saving and high-efficiency, certain technical difficulties, motor and control integration, and customer product system depth. Integrate customized products and services


At the same time, the company also attaches great importance to the quality management of products. Depending on the quality, the company has passed the ISO9001:2015 new quality system certification. In addition to the annual routine external supervision and audit, we also conduct monthly internal audits and inspections. , find problems as early as possible, and solve problems. The company also trains and improves the quality-related employees and production management personnel of the production line. In the true sense, the quality is produced rather than tested. The Quality Department is more about using Six Sigma and SPC tools for related quality planning and quality control management, and more energy is used to prevent problems.




In terms of manufacturing, the company has introduced a large number of domestic advanced intelligent manufacturing equipment, which can better guarantee the quality, improve the efficiency, and reduce the interference of personnel and personnel. It is currently able to achieve a capacity of 5 million units per year, and is also preparing to expand its plant and new equipment and facilities in a timely manner to cope with the greater market demand.


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